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Sausage Stuffer

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Sausages are a favorite for many Kenyans. They are usually stuffed with beef or pork and other types of meat to meet different desires. The profitability of your butchery can significantly increase if you incorporate sale of sausages. A sausage stuffer therefore is a very critical addition to the arsenal of tools you have in your butchery.

A sausage stuffer is a machine that allows you to fill sausage casings with ground meat to create delicious and flavorful sausages. This machine allows you to create cheaper sausages for your customers. You are also able to offer sausages in different sizes and stuffed with all the types of meat that you sell.

You can choose from the different brands we have or speak to us today so we can help you choose the product that will meet your needs. Regardless of the product you choose, our collection contains products that come with the following benefits;

Ease of use - our sausage stuffers are user friendly and very easy to operate. You do not need to have an educated employee at your butchery to operate the sausage stuffer. Our stuffers fill the sausage casings with the ground meat mixture you feed them with creating perfectly shaped sausages every time. It is easy to understand how to use them and even easier to operate them.

Efficiency–using a sausage stuffer is a much more efficient way of making sausages than doing it manually. With our machines you can create a large number of sausages in a short time to meet the demand of your customers. Besides saving you time, our machines are designed to be more power efficient meaning they offer very good performance without shooting your power bills through the roof.

Consistent results – one of the biggest challenges of making sausages manually is achieving consistent results. This is even a bigger challenge where calculating profits is involved because you cannot be sure how much ground meat, spices and seasoning you need to produce each sausage. Our machines create sausages that are perfectly shaped and consistent in size every time. This results in a professional looking final product that will impress your customers. You are also able to accurately calculate how much it costs you to produce each sausage so you can price your products accordingly.

Manual and electric sausage stuffers

There are two main types of sausage stuffers: manual and electric. Manual sausage stuffers are operated by a hand crank, while electric sausage stuffers are powered by electricity. Manual sausage stuffers are typically smaller and less expensive, while electric sausage stuffers are larger and more powerful. Electric stuffers are able to achieve more in the same duration than manual stuffers can. Consider what your needs are when choosing between the two sausage stuffers.

Are you in the market for a sausage stuffer for your business or home use? Look no further than our company. With the right sausage stuffer, you can streamline your sausage-making process and produce high-quality sausages that will impress your customers. Contact us today to learn more.